Cydia Tweaks to Enhance your LockScreen

There is no benefit of jailbreaking rather than customizing your device. With the help of jailbreaking, you can install Cydia apps, tweaks or themes on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. As you know, the aspect of the iOS lockscreen is pretty dull and simple. Its main purpose is to allow you to unlock your device, but in the same time, you can make it pretty handy and accessible.

Now I want to show you some useful Cydia tweaks you can add to your device in order to enhance the aspect of your lockscreen.


This tweak is useful for those of you who are jealous on the Android unlock aspect. When using Stride, you are able to set a pattern to draw in order to unlock your device. You can choose any pattern you want, and each time you want to unlock your iPhone, you will have to draw that specific pattern.

Cydia Tweaks to Enhance your LockScreen


Since Apple does not want to offer us the possibility to add notifications or other features on the lockscreen, Bulletin is just what you need. The tweak adds notifications and the most important messages right on the lockscreen in order to offer you more accessibility and quicker access to your most important news.


This is probably one of the best Cydia apps for enhance the notification panel of your lockscreen device. Now, using LockInfo, you can access the lock screen even from your Springboard. Moreover, you can add multiple useful features such as Mail, Calendar, SMS, phone or Push notification. In the same time, if this is not enough for you, you can any new ones anytime you want.

AndroidLock XT

Again, for all of you the Android lovers, the tweak offers Android Lockscreen protection for your iOS device. When installing this tweak, you will have an unlock pattern, just as the Android one. Therefore, in order to unlock your device, you will have to connect a series of dots, respective a pattern, which will be set by the user. In the same time, you have the option to add increased security to your lockscreen by adding a PIN code. The tweak does not offer any icon to launch, but you can customize it under Settings tab.


Just as any other Cydia customization apps and tweaks, the PowerLock provides you more than 12 toggles to add to your lockscreen. Therefore, you will have access to options such as unlock, shut down, respring, reboot or Safe mode. In the same time, you can set each toggle you want to appear on your lockscreen by going to Settings menu.

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