Amazing Cydia Apps that You Must Have

There are many people who would like to jailbreak their iPhones or other iDevices, but they don’t really know if it is the best option. This is understandable because, although the jailbreak comes with many pros, there are also cons that should be taken into consideration before deciding.

Assuming that you are aware of the cons, I will give you a couple of pros that might help you decide. First of all, Cydia download is similar to the Apple Store but better. Why is it better? It offers you more apps that you dreamt of. Meanwhile, the Apple Store imposes a couple of limits that might not make you as happy as you want to be. This is why jailbreaking your iPhone and getting the amazing Cydia apps is the best thing you could do.


I made a short list of Cydia Apps, based on my personal experience.

Let’s say you would like to customize your iPhone because you get bored fast and you love having something new all the time. Well, there are Cydia apps that help you with that, when it comes to your iDevice. You can choose Winterboard which is a very well-known app that offers you a big number of amazing themes. It is free of charge so, not only that it gives you what you want, but you don’t have to give anything in return.

Are you a texting addict and you want this action to be more interactive? Well there are a couple of Cydia Apps that give you everything you wanted. I am talking about apps like Message + and BiteSMS which not only that make texting fun, but they also make it faster and easier. Also, for example, BiteSMS aims to bring you an array of different customizations and user controls. So, you definitely must have one of these!

Do you find yourself always in a hurry because you are a busy person who uses the iPhone as a multifunctional tool and who has to do more things at the same time? Well there are Cydia Apps, which help you with that! Activator is the app that can help you to access information and applications quickly. The most important thing about this app is that is allows you to set gestures for different functions.

As a conclusion, I can say that the Cydia Apps make things fast and easy for you and, at the same time they make everything seem more entertaining. So, why should you keep your phone under the Apple Store restriction when you can get what you want and need from Cydia download?

Author: I navigate on the Internet searching for updates regarding jailbreak and Cydia Apps. I spend all my spare time reading and writing about this subject.

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